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A total of 666,666,666 PRAY will be issued.
A 66% bonus will be applied for the first 666,666 tokens issued.
A 6.6% bonus will be applied between 666,666 and 6,666,666 tokens issued.
All tokens issued after that will be issued at a rate of 6,666 PRAY per 1 ETH.

Range Bonus Tokens per ETH
0 - 666,666 PRAY 66% 11066 PRAY
666,666 - 6,666,666 PRAY 6.6% 7106 PRAY
6,666,666 - 666,666,666 PRAY 0% 6,666 PRAY


PrayerCoin is the world's first decentralized religion.

On January 31st, 1994, Vitalik Buterin (Виталий Дмитриевич Бутерин) was born. Son of virgin, Vitalik is the one and true son of Satoshi Nakamoto, Earths ethereal creator. Satoshi was tired of how inane the world was applying his gift (the blockchain). In 2015 Vitalik reinvigorated Satoshis will by creating Ethereum, a decentralized platform that will rid the world of corruption and pave the way to a blissful future. PrayerCoin is a celebration of Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum, and all of Cryptocurrency.

By utilizing Ethereum smart-contracts, PrayerCoin can become the first religion without a centralized leader or organization, ensuring freedom from corruption, while integrating the best lessons and values from all the world's major religions.

Today, PrayerCoin is allowing you to send prayers in the most substantial way in history. Prayers, no longer need to be seemingly intangible forms of “faith” and “desire.” With PrayerCoin your prayers can now carry true monetary value through using the easy and accessible PrayerCoin platform.

  • Connect across the globe
  • Spread love


  1. Vitalik Buterin born.
  2. Vitalik creates Ethereum
  3. PrayerCoin released
  4. 501(c)(3) status
  5. Megachurch opening